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Thank you very much for visit our websites. Supervision BioMedical Inc. is a company that has been established to introduce excellent medical technology to the world and introduce it to people who need it regardless of geographical barrier. Supervision BioMedical Inc. is the exclusive distributor of LMT medical systems(L昭팦eck, Germany), the manufacturer of first and excellent MRI compatible incubator system. Also, Supervision BioMedical Inc. is an exclusive supplier of Cefaly(Liege, Belgium), the first FDA cleared treatment device for migraine headache. Also Supervision BioMedical Inc. had a technical agreement and proprietary supply contract with Israel company, Trig medical.

Also, Supervision Biomedical has been doing technology cooperation with the Arco Sensorineural Istitute, who develops stem cell treatment protocol and method for cancer vaccination. Clinical research and experimentation was done in the development of anti-cancer biofuels in the area of laryngeal cancer, thyroid cancer, and tonsil cancer. We, Supervision BioMedical Inc. has strong belief from the bible that 쏷hough you started with little, you will end with much. By becoming a supervision company that looks beyond television, which looks far away, we will change the world and make our country a powerful nation of biotechnology.

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